Review of “Why We Came to the City” by Kristopher Jansma


After reading 36% of this book, I’ve made the decision to put it down and move on. This is not a decision made without careful consideration. It would have been an easy decision if there was something particularly objectionable or “wrong” with the book. Truthfully, I just couldn’t engage no matter how many times I put it down and picked it back up. I did feel there were a few instances where the author got a little off track and things felt a bit disjointed but that wasn’t the reason I chose not to continue. This issue was really my general lack of interest in the characters and the pace of the story’s progression. It’s very unusual for me to spend a week on a book of this length and only be 36% through. I finally had to acknowledge that I simply wasn’t enjoying it enough to continue.

While this book wasn’t for me, I would certainly be open to reading future books by Kristopher Jansma as I found his style of writing generally enjoyable.

Though I’m unable to give a glowing review, I would like to thank Penguin Group Viking via NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.