Review Policy

I do not receive any compensation for any review. In accordance with the applicable FTC ruling, I will disclose if I’ve received a complimentary copy of a book I am reviewing. My reviews will always be honest and unbiased regardless.

I am interested in the following genres:

Literary Fiction
Contemporary Fiction
Historical Fiction
Crime/Suspense/Thriller Fiction
Non-fiction (Especially Biography/Autobiography, History, and True Crime. See exceptions below.)

I am NOT interested in the following genres:


Unless I specifically agree to read and review a book by a certain date, I can’t guarantee that I will read or review a book on any specific timeline. I will consider self-published titles on a case-by-case basis. I prefer bound copies but will, of course, review electronic copies.

For other questions, comments, or to contact me to request a review, please use the contact form below.

UPDATE: At this time I’m unable to accept any additional requests for review. As this changes, I will remove this message from this page. Thank you for your understanding and interest.

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